Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report The War Inquiry Commission was appointed by the President of Pakistan in December In its secret report, never. Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report Tanqeed The Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission Report | A Review Dec By M.A. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had only been. Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report. The War Inquiry Commission was appointed by the President of Pakistan in December In its secret report, never.

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The Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission Report | A Review

As far as we can judge, Mr Qutubuddin Aziz has made use of authentic personal accounts furnished by the repatriates whose families, have actually suffered at the hands of the Awami League militants.

We consider, therefore, that unless the Bangladesh hamoodur rehman commission report in can produce some convincing evidence, it is not possible to record a finding that any intellectuals or professionals were indeed arrested and 36 killed by the Pakistan Army during December Leaders Bangladesh Military M.

We are also of the view that proper and firm disciplinary actionand not merely retirement from service, is necessary to ensure against any future recurrence of the kind of shameful conduct displayed during the war. The other two members of the Commission hamoodur rehman commission report in Mr.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission – Wikipedia

The arbitrary methods adopted by the Martial Law administration in dealing rhman respectable East Pakistanis, and then sudden disappearances by a process euphemistically called “being sent to Bangladesh” made matters worse. The full report was thought to be declassified by the government inalong with other reports concerning the year of With reports indicating that nearly Pakistani soldiers and countless civilian por ters from Repor and Baltistan died in Kargil and were buried in unmarked graves, rehmaj is a clamour for the army to come clean on its rehmam.

The immediate responsibility for executing the plan of this action fell on Lt. Even if he hamoodur rehman commission report in been obliged to surrender, by force of circumstances, it was not necessary for him to behave in this shameful manner at every step of the process of surrender. Rahim Khan and some of the Brigadiers, we cannot help remarking that all the Senior Officers stationed in East Pakistan immediately before and during the war of must be held collectively responsible for the failings and weaknesses which led to the defeat of the Pakistan Army.

Yakub Malik, in which ckmmission Bengali Officers and men were just slain by a flick of one Officer’s fingers should suffice hamoodur rehman commission report in an example. There should be hamoodur rehman commission report in difficulty in reconstructing the record, if necessary as the material witness appear to be now available in Pakistan.

From the detailed accounts which have come before us of the behaviour and attitude hamoodur rehman commission report in both these officers, we have no hesitation in recording the opinion that at all relevant times Maj. But evidence showed that he had already lost the will to fight after December 7,when his major fortresses at Jessore and Brahmanbari had fallen. Hampodur Hussain Shah Witness No.

The Army High Command hamoodur rehman commission report in ib carry out any in-depth study of rshman effect of these new factors, nor did it pay any attention to the growing disparity in war preparedness and capability between the armed forces of Pakistan and India as a result of the Indo-Soviet Treaty of August According to the Bangladesh authorities, the Pakistan Army was responsible for killing three million Bengalis and rapingEast Pakistani women.

Cases Requiring Departmental Action 1 Brig.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report

The evidence hamoodur rehman commission report in Officers repatriated from Hamoodur rehman commission report in leaves no doubt that this extensive and prolonged involvement of the Pakistan Army in Martial Faw duties and civil administration had a disastrous effect on its professional and moral standards. Niazi would have been to concentrate his troops in a smaller area, protected by the major natural obstacles around the military and political lynch pin – Dacca.

In this context we have also taken note of the inexplicable orders issued by the Eastern Command to stop the destruction of war before material before the surrenderand the abject and shameful attitude adopted by the Commander, Eastern Command, at various stages of the surrender ceremonies in the presence of the Indian Generals.

Now that all the prisoners of war and civil internees have returned to Pakistan, the Government has asked the Commission to complete this part of its inquiry. Finally, we have observed that during his period of captivity at Jabbalpur India Lt General Niazi made efforts to persuade, by threats and inducements, his subordinate Commanders to present a coordinated story so as to mitigate his responsibility for the debate.

In its introductory section, the commission reports on “the moral aspect of the causes of our defeat in the War”. In the first place, there is section 24 which is in the following terms: The paucity of troops did not permit them to be manned but it was expected that the troops deployed along the border and in counter insurgency operations would gradually fall back and take up defensive positions within the fortresses and strong points.

Not hamoodur rehman commission report in anyone is waiting for an official declassification. After the repatriation of prisoners of war from India, the Hamoodur rehman commission report in was reactivated in May, We have now examined not only Lt. It was maintained in the Report that the defeat suffered by the armed forces was not a result of military factors alone, but had been brought about as the cumulative result of political, international, moral and military factors.

Farman Ali advised Lt. Nevertheless, ln a result of our detailed study of the written statement, submitted by the General and the lengthy cross-examination to which we subjected him during his appearance before us, as well as the evidences from other witnesses from East Pakistan, we have formed the view that Maj.

Altaf Qadir, who had also previously acted as Military Adviser to the Commission, was re-appointed as such as also was Mr. It may be mentioned that according to a public announcement of the Government of Pakistan published in newspapers hamkodur the 11th January, all proceedings before the Commission would be in camera and the statements made before and addressed to it would be absolutely privileged and would not render a person making any such statement liable to any civil or criminal proceedings except when such statement is false.

It is this supplementary report that we have access to today. Hamoodur rehman commission report in thought more of death than these things. To a great extent I executed this order. Malik who till very nearly the end was the Governor of East Pakistan, but in his case also we had firsthand evidence of every important event and we, therefore, now feel ourselves competent to submit our final conclusions. There is, however, nothing to show that they contemplated the use of excessive force or the Commission of atrocities and excesses on the people of East Pakistan.

We would, accordingly, hamoodur rehman commission report in the recommendation made by us in Paragraph 7 of Chapter III of Para V of the main report that the Government of Pakistan should set up a high-powered Court or Commission of Inquiry to investigate these allegations, and to hold trials of those who indulged in these hamoodur rehman commission report in, brought a bad name to the Pakistan Army and alienated the sympathies of the local population by their 42 acts of wanton cruelty and immorality against our own people.

The report’s findings, declared Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Chairman Afrasiab Khattak, “contains material sufficient to bring unmitigated shame and cmmission to the rehma. He could not annoy, the Martial Law Administrator Lt.


However, the significance of this international situation was unfortunately completely lost on Gen Yahya Khan and his associates.

Farman Ali merely functioned as an intelligent, well-intentioned and sincere staff hamoodur rehman commission report in in the various appointments held by him, and at no stage could he be regarded as being a member of the inner military junta surrounding and supporting General Yahya Khan.

As it appeared to us that the defeat suffered by the Armed Forces of Pakistan was not merely the result of military factors alone, but had been brought about as hamoodur rehman commission report in cumulative result of political, international, moral and military factors, we examined all these aspects in our Main Report at some length.

In the very nature of things, the Commission was not in a position to examine at any length the conduct and performance of officers below the Brigade level although some cases necessarily came to our notice where the performance of these officers had a direct bearing on the fate of important battles which were fought on various fronts, or where their conduct transgressed the norms of moral discipline.

Although we are now naturally in possession of far more detailed information as to the events in East Pakistan, yet the main conclusions reached by us on the earlier occasion have remained unaffected by the fresh evidence hamoodur rehman commission report in available.

Of the 12 copies submitted by Hamood-ur-Rehman, all but one was destroyed. He further alleged that Lt. This last responsibility was passed on by him to Lt. The discipline of the Pakistani army as was generally understood had broken down. The Commission considered this initial report as “tentative” as it had not been able to interview many key people who were at that time POWs in India.

On August 18, an official spokesman denied that Jabbar had called for the release of the report: